Wine Shop

Wine Shop

Wine is what we do. It’s the reason Scarlet Wines is Scarlet Wines. Why? Because there is something inescapably brilliant about wine. it is infinitely variable, uniquely civilised and so much more than just a drink.

Wine captures the moment shared with a loved one on a beach, sipped while relaxing with your supper or opened for a special occasion. It is part of the joyful celebration of life. But we want wine to appeal to everyone, not in a dumbed down, over simplified, mass market way but by sharing all its multifaceted glory without pretension, stuffiness or snobbery. Wine is for everyone, particularly when it’s good.
We usually have about 300 wines in stock at any time plus another 30 beers and ciders, 20 sherries and ports and around 90 spirits. We keep the list updated as we discover new treasures and we always aim for something artisan, hand crafted, unusual and, above all, delicious.

Reasons to choose Scarlet

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    Having a party
    Having a party
    We can help you plan your party. How many guests? What sort of food? What time of day? Come in talk us through your plans and we can suggest wines and drinks to suit.

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    Friends around for dinner?
    Friends around for dinner?
    Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect wine for any meal. Give us your menu, your preferences and your budget and let us pick wine and drinks to match.

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    Need a few extra glasses?
    Need a few extra glasses?
    We offer free glass hire for your event if you are buying your wine from us. You don’t even need to wash up, just bring them back and let us do the rest.

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    Looking for something specific?
    Looking for something specific?
    We offer a “find that wine” if you have a drink you have loved let us try to find a bottle for you. If we can’t source the original we may be able so suggest something similar.

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    Our Selection
    Our Selection
    We continually change our wine, beer and spirits selection as we find new gems. A gem to us is something of great quality that is unusual, interesting and hand crafted.

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    We deliver
    We deliver
    We deliver free of charge to the St Ives area and any number of bottles to anywhere else in the UK for a fixed price of £9. By St Ives we mean the postcodes of TR26 and TR27.

one to try

Death’s Door

Death’s Door Spirits

Death’s Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of organic juniper berries, coriander and fennel.

Using juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island with coriander and fennel sourced from within the state, Death’s Door Spirits is able to showcase how complimentary and complex simple expressions can be. Like our vodka, Death’s Door Gin employs a base of organic

Tasting notes
Death’s Door Gin has a full London Dry flavour without all of the bitterness because of our extraction process and the base spirit we use (i.e., our vodka).

Just in

The Flower and the Bee

Souson – £11.95

This is such a beautiful, utterly drinkable wine. It’s from Ribeiro, a region in northwest Spain in Galicia, and it is made from the Sousón grape variety.

De Loach

Pinot Noir – £10.95

This wine is fairly big in style, dark in color and intense on the palate. Notes of blackberry and cedar are intertwined with ginger, clove, allspice and Szechuan peppercorn.

Montesquiou Jurancon

Sec – £15.95

A pale delicate wine, with lovely aromas of citrus, honeysuckle and herbs. The flavours are intensely fresh and dry with tremendous depth.

Ponte del Diavolo

Pinot Grigio – £9.95

Light, bright lemon in colour with a lively, freshly cut pear and baked bread character on the nose.

Much more than just wine

Beers & Ciders

Beer is really exciting at present with new craft breweries springing up all over the place.  We aim for the best local beers from all over Cornwall plus some classics from Belgium and France and more craft beers from the United States, another hotbed of hoppy innovation.


The spirits we stock are not the brands you usually find. We seek out small artisan producers making something brilliant. From dutch Genever to American gin, hard to find rums, Japanese whisky and top quality grappa. Try before you buy? Absolutely. We have most bottles open so you can taste in advance.