Wine, Food and Fire

On Saturday 22nd April, a group of lucky guests here at Scarlet Wines were treated to a feast of wood-fired food created by inspirational chef Ben Quinn, paired with a selection of bold and beautiful wines from our shelves. Thanks to Mat Arney from Hailer Media for capturing this brilliantly hazy event, St Ives Bakery for the awesome Focaccia, Secret Orchard Cider for the cider and cider vinegar, and to Ben Tunnicliffe for attending to review the event for Cornwall Life. We’re still buzzing and hope the experience will be repeated before too long!

Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_22_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_19_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_17_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_15_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_14_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_12_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_11_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_10_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_07_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_05_soc Woodfired_Canteen_Scarlet_Wines_April_03_soc

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